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Work From Home

There are a lot of brilliant ways to make money online, more than you can imagine, especially for the ones who need to spend more time with their family at home and spend less time at work. Internet is the doorway to many sources that generate tremendous amount of income which makes ‘working from home’ possible. With these “8 Ways to Work From Home & Make Money Online”, I will reveal to you all the ideas, secrets, guides, tips and tricks that you need to generate your own source of income from home and earn money online with just a click.

1. Sell stuff online: I’m sure that all of us are pretty familiar with is one of the biggest and most reliable online auction store. If you have anything lying around your house, that you’re not using, i.e. old song CDs, don’t throw it away…put it up for auction on Some buyers might desperately want what you don’t want and might place a high bid and make you a fortune. If you can’t find anything around your house, try to buy something on your nearby store for a cheap price, and sell them on for a higher price. It’s as easy as that. You can even offer help to your neighbours, friends and family to sell their unused things on and take quarter or half of the profit as a commission. I know many people who made quite a lot of money by just doing this! You can also be an affiliate to promote and get paid for it but it is only for people who own a business.

2. Paid to click sites (PTC): Sites like,, and etc, pay you for clicking the advertisement on their web pages. But just clicking the adverts is not the main source of cash. You can refer people to these PTC sites using your referral link because you will earn quarter or half of the money earned by the people you refer. Once you have quite a number of referrals, you’ll be earning pretty high every week. To receive payment from and, you need an account from For the rest, PayPal account will work absolutely fine. PayPal and are both free to join. Try to sign up also with and If you need guide on how to drive traffic to your referral link, scroll down to the ‘How to drive traffic to your referral link’ section and for an amazing trick to DOUBLE your earnings, just scroll down to the ‘Ultimate trick to DOUBLE your earnings’ section.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


3. Become a Marketing Affiliate: Websites like, etc, are actually paying commissions to people to sell their items online. The person who has great marketing skills are a step ahead here. Basically, you have to promote an item of your choice online through blogs or websites. You will be provided with the appropriate links and banner for the sale. As before, you can scroll down to the ’How to drive traffic to your referral link’ section for guides to promote your item. When an item is sold, you’ll get the commission desired for the item. The commissions are usually 60% of the total price of an item so, that’s pretty awesome. You can choose items from various categories to promote, so you have the flexibility to pick the one that you have interest in and more likely to be sold. From Google researches, items from the Poker category sold the most and followed by Money, Music and Education categories so, try your luck from those categories.

4. Paid to survey through email: Many claim that they are making quite a lot of money through paid surveys but at the same time, some claim not to. I’ve tried few paid to survey sites myself and but I went through a bunch of scams first until I found few legitimate ones. Even from the legitimate ones, I was only receiving survey emails once in a while. But anyways, I did find a few good ones that actually pays like, and

5. Earn money with Google Adsense: After you have created a blog or website, register it with Google Adsense to allow Google to place advertisements on your page. Every time an advert is clicked on your page, you will get paid by Google. Not only that, if your page drives enough traffic, Google Adsense will pay you every time your page is viewed! If your blog or website drives most traffic, you have the potential to attract other major advertisers and earn more money than you can ever imagine. As always, you can scroll down to the ‘How to drive traffic to your website and blog’ section anytime if you need any guide.

6. Work Online: There are tremendous amount of online jobs scams out there. I’m pretty sure you would have come across few Data Entry and Typist jobs online if you have searched. Most that I came across was nothing but scams. How to identify a scam? If someone offers you a job, they should pay you and not ask you to pay for registration or something like that. If you receive a job offer which requires you to pay any amount of money upfront…bingo!!! It’s a scam. Especially those Data Entry jobs, how this Data Entry can be possible if the data is already in digital format? To be honest, the only legitimate online job is medical transcriptionist. This job is widely available online but it requires some qualifications. Doctors and medical personnel record their daily medical reports using audio recorders because writing reports are very time consuming for them. That’s where the medical transcriptionist job comes in. The audio recordings are sent through email and the transcriptionist is paid on hourly basis to transcript the audio data into a report form. The requirement is to have at least 2 years experience in this field. This job is valid and legitimate online. You can search for these medical transcriptionist jobs at and and other valid online part time jobs by registering for free at, and

Freelance Jobs

7. Earn by submitting discussion: is one of the best socializing website there is. They pay when you start new discussions and when people reply to your discussions. That’s not all how you can make money using When you refer someone to, you will get 25% of what they earn. So basically, you will get paid by just for socializing. Again, if you need guide on how to drive traffic to your referral link, scroll down to the ‘How to drive traffic to your referral link’ section. The trick to get paid high when you post reply to other discussions, is to post a 4-5 lines reply. Replying to discussion with 0 posts will earn you the spotlight you need. Just be friendly with everyone there and you will be earning quite a lot. There’s an amazing trick to DOUBLE your earnings, just scroll down to the ‘Ultimate trick to DOUBLE your earnings’ section. Payments will be made to your PayPal account, so make sure you have one. is definitely worth a shot.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

8. Earn by submitting articles and photos: If you love writing articles, then is your money generator. pays for your original contribution of stories and articles. When you post an article on, publishers will be interested and pay you quite a lot for your contribution. The best part is that your article can be about any topic you like but make sure it is original. If you have any pictures or photos, you can submit those to will post your contributions to appropriate websites and you will get paid every time your contributions are viewed. Articles and discussions are also accepted by That’s not all, as publishes your contributions to other websites, it helps your work to get all the spotlight, publicity and traffic it deserve. This is like free advertising!!!

Ultimate trick to DOUBLE your earnings:- When you sign up for a referral link, ask your wife, husband or close family member to sign up under your referral link and do all your referrals through your wife’s, husband’s or close family member’s referral link. By doing this you’ll be receiving referral commissions from 2 sources instead of 1. This doubles your earnings just like that!!! Pretty smart, right?

How to Drive Traffic to your Referral Links:-

a)Networking sites: If you have accounts on networking site like,, and etc, this would be awesome. Use those sites to spread the news about your links and make sure you place your referral links there. Tell your friends and contacts on, etc, about the benefit of your links and how to earn money with it so they will signup through your referral links.

b)Create your very own blog or website: Blogs can be created for free from sites like Remember, blogs must be original. Websites can also be created for free. There are many sites out there that offer free websites. Just Google ‘free websites’ and you will come across some good ones. Always remember to place your referral links on your blogs and websites. To create quality blogs and websites, scroll down to the ‘How to drive traffic to your website and blog’ section.

c)Socialize in forums, message and discussion boards: There are a bunch of money making forums out there. Just Goggle ‘money making forums’ and you will find some. Register in those forums and maintain a friendly nature. Don’t just start posting threads and force people to join your referral links or blogs. It makes you look like you want to sell something and might ruin your reputation in the forum. Most forums run on a non-commercial nature. Just be friendly and try posting replies to others. Try to answer people’s queries and complement on their ideas or suggestions. How this is going to drive traffic to your referral links you ask? Signature is the answer. Place a signature below your every post. How to create a forum signature? Well first, you need to understand these basic BBCodes:

-[b]To make your text bold[/b]
-[u]To make the text underlined[/u]
-[i]Text you want Italicized[/i]
-[size=5]Text you want Sized[/size]
(sizes go from 1 (too small to read) and 29 extremely large.)
-[color=green]Text you want Green[/color]
or using a hex color [color=#666666]Text you want Gray[/color]
-[quote="Name of person you are quoting"]Text you are quoting[/quote]
-[url=http://"url you wish to add"]Text you want to be clickable[/url]
-[email]Your Email[/email]
-[img]URL of image[/img]

Once you have created your signature, copy your signature code and paste it in the signature column in your forum profile page. So when you post a reply, your signature will be placed automatically at the bottom of your post. This signature acts like a friendly advertisement. As you maintain a friendly nature in a forum, people will gain trust on you and will actually click your signature which will direct them to your referral links.

d) Advertise your referral links using Google Adwords: You can register with Google Adwords and Google will actually guide you through to create your own advertisement and will help you to advertise and promote your referral links to other website. This is not free though but worth a shot. Make sure you read and understand Google Adwords advertising campaign because these will safe time.

e) Try Traffic Exchange: Traffic exchange works good and great to drive traffic to your referral links but it is kind of tedious to get started. It works by driving traffic to your referral links when you help someone to drive traffic to theirs. This is very time consuming but incredibly productive. Just Google ‘traffic exchange sites’ and you will get some good ones. Once you get the hang of this, you will be on a roll.

How to Drive Traffic to your Websites and Blogs:-

-You can drive traffic to your blog and website easily if you have interesting and up-to-date contents.

-Most importantly, the contents must be original. Copying someone else’s content will result in creating a bad reputation for you on the internet.

-Make the contents systematic and easy to read. Make sure you write the contents for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This requires originality and good language. Take grammar and punctuation into account so that you can stay on the top at Google’s and other search engine search results.

-Use as a tool to find the keywords which you can use as title and sub-titles for your content. Those keywords will be the ones that are Search Engine friendly.

-Post your blog links to promoters like,, etc. These sites will rank your blogs and provide great platform for your blogs to shine. Making to the leaderboard will drive ultimate traffic to your blogs.

-Post links to your blogs or websites on your forum posts. As I said earlier, make sure you write quality forum posts

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Balkans Business News

IMF seeks reforms in Serbia's 2010 budget
Gordana Filipovic - 07.10.2009
The International Monetary Fund is willing to discuss this month a wider Serbian budget gap for 2010, but wants to see spending cuts and a broader tax base to curb the deficit sooner rather than later.

With Serbia set to return to growth next year, IMF resident representative in Serbia Bogdan Lissovolik said Belgrade should seek to fix its public finances in the medium term.

"We need to address Serbia's fiscal and structural problems," he told Reuters in an interview.

"For now, 3.5% is our best shot, the most reasonable target... But we are ready to discuss with the authorities. Everything depends on how pieces fall into place," he said.

"We consider it a very reasonable compromise between avoiding a pro-cyclical stance and starting to address longer term progress."

Serbia received a 3-billion-euro loan in May to help bolster its economy......

To read more, please visit

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Moving Plus Storage

With Moving Plus Storage, moving and relocating house is made absolutely easy. They provide efficient storage service and this service is amazingly fast and easy. Just visit:

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Chicken Houses

Chicken meats are one of the most enjoyed foods so, they are always in a absolute high demand. With Chicken Houses, you can run your own business by breeding and selling chickens and eggs. Yes people, Chicken Houses sell the best chicken houses you can get. Chicken Houses produce the most comfortable and safest chicken hutches which can even extend the life span of the chickens living in. Not only that, Chicken Houses will also provide all equipment, supplies, and guides to start you off with your very own chicken.